Adil hadir
2 min readOct 30, 2023

Patex New Blockchain Retroactive Airdrop🎁Reward $PTX Tokens

⚡️ Airdrop For Community is 840k Token = 10.5% 🎁

🤟 Patex ICO PRICE : $0.95 🫡

➡️ Go to :
- Click Proof Of Value
- Connect Wallet ( You Can Use New Wallet )
- Click Signin
- Patex Mining Automatically Running
- For Fee You Can Click ETH Converter
- Select Mainnet or Testnet
- If Testnet, Bridge Any Amount ETH Sepolia to ETH Patex Testnet
- If Mainnet, Bridge 0.002 ETH Mainnet to ETH Patex
- Done You'll Received Gas Fee

➡️Use Transaction : performs a transaction of any type, like send ETH , which is recorded in the blockchain.
➡️ A reward of 0.0521 PATEX is shared between all creators of transactions in each block in proportion to the number of transactions. In other words, each block has a reward of 0.0521 PATEX, and this reward is shared equally between all the transactions in that block.
➡️More Transaction, More PTX You Will Get
🔥 Done #LFG

Reward $PATEX⚡️⚡️⚡️

➡️ Complete Task & Get Role's :

🖥 Note : PATEX - is the first blockchain ecosystem targeting Latin America, a region with 670M+ people and a $5.5 trillion GDP

❗️ Also you should know, that users can deposit ETH through ETH Converter, but there is no withdrawal there. Withdrawal there is through exchange