Mojito Markets Testnet Competition On APTOS

Adil hadir
3 min readOct 19, 2022



Mojito Markets is a decentralized application which facilitates trustless betting on the blockchain. Mojito Markets protocol enables the exchange of bets on speculative positions between participants in a way that is decentralized and trustless. This is achieved through the use of blockchain technology, and implemented on the Aptos network. Historically, the fight for market share within the betting industry has been fought in terms of advertising dollars instead of product innovation leading to industry stagnation in terms of new and better products. Additionally, web2 has revolved around the need for centralized, trusted, reputable third-parties to hold funds and facilitate exchange between parties, requiring security and trustworthiness.

As we all know Aptos has announced it’s Mainnet yesterday. Mojito Markets is still on testnet and has already announced airdrop for their users. They’ll Airdrop 0.4% of Mojito Market Tokens. Basically, it’s like a competition. You have to bet on different markets daily. And if you win, you’ll receive a payout depending upon which you are going to be placed in leaderboard. Also, this has just started on 17th October,2022. So, hurry up now to have a good chance against other players.

Steps To Take Part In The Mojito Markets Testnet :

1.Fill this form : . Use only that wallet in testnet that you filled in the form. Also, before doing the testnet, one must fill the form.

2. Now, go to the following link and connect wallet :

Mojito Master Program

Mojito Master Program

Let’s go into more detail about these 4 key roles:

🏆 Mojito Master — the highest role, reserved for our core Mojito community contributors and relentless advocates (Eligible for Token Whitelist)

🏅 Early Mojito — enthusiastic and committed members who first responded to our call and supported us from the beginning

🥇 Mojito Magician — experienced Mojito community members who have already started their way up CREW3 ladder, dedicated to completing tasks, duties and supporting Mojito Markets.

🥈 Minty Mojito — our newest members who are headed towards the top

How do I join the bounty and get a role?

Join Discord —

Visit the website — Mojito Bounty

Perform daily tasks on the platform!