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Cryptocurrencies are a expression we hear on virtually every news channel and from nearly everyone we meet. There have been several areas of crypto plutocrat that have suddenly exploded and made people fat. You can also stake rather of invest. Mining is a largely essential expression in the crypto- verse that requires a lot of calculating power, but a new idea called the evidence-of- stake protocol for mining is evolving.

PoS systems are extensively regarded as the crypto agreement fashion of the future. Mining necessitates a large quantum of power, which is frequently generated by fossil energies, which negatively influences the terrain. Evidence-of- stake (PoS), a way of mining cryptocurrency that decreases the overall impact crypto mining has on the Earth’s climate, was established to address this. Staking is a new idea that comes under evidence-of- stake. The word refers to putting up one’s cryptos in exchange for the right to a portion of the benefits from crypto mining. PoS, as you can see, helps to lessen crypto’s carbon footmark.
This composition is about a design that aggressively promotes staking and offers a substantial lucre. It includes staking, but it also includes husbandry, an NFT business, and the capability to produce launchpads!

Meta Farm Verse Features

MetaFarm Verse with its advantages has various features that can be used by users easily and quickly.

Swap: users will easily exchange their tokens for various other tokens without the need for third parties or high fees.

Build Launchpad: users will be able to build their own launchpad on Metaverse with the help of MetaFarm Verse. With this launchpad, it is hoped that users will be able to get investors more easily and quickly.

NFT Marketplace: users will be able to get access to the marketplace which will support easier and more secure token trading.

Creating NFTs: users will be able to create their NFT tokens easily by using MetaFarm Verse’s NFT creation feature. This convenience will enable those users who wish to launch their NFT for their projects.

All these features are presented in a stoner-friendly and responsive interface, which is developed by a platoon of professionals endured in their fields. The platoon from MetaFarm Verse designed this platform so that it can be penetrated by druggies from each over the world fluently and snappily from their colorful bias. Therefore, MetaFarm Verse will be suitable to come a husbandry platform that’s fluently accessible to druggies from colorful backgrounds.


Token name: Meta Verse Token

Token Ticker: MEFV

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Decimal: 18

Contract: 0xfb3386912a15c4e9230b520156ce2b029c92f91b

To buy from initial DEX offering visit

Road map

Phase one

  • Website & token creation
  • Airdrop & IDO

Phase two

  • Farming pool creation
  • DEX launch
  • Integrating yield farming in the metaverse
  • PANCAKESWAP launch

Phase three

  • Staking platform launch
  • Active buy back
    Launchpad platform creation

Phase four

  • Extensive marketing strategy
  • 2nd round airdrop
  • CERTIK audit
  • Celebrity partnership

Phase five

  • HOTBIT and COINBIT listing
  • NFT marketplace launch
  • Binance and coinbase listing

Phase 6

  • Big partnerships
  • World charity event


MetaFarm Verse is a farming platform built specifically for Metaverse which makes it easy for users to get maximum income. By providing various features needed by users such as staking, NFT marketplace, etc., MetaFarm Verse wants to present users with a farming platform with the best tools built specifically for Metaverse. So this will provide various advantages for users of the Metaverse sector.

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