MEDICDOGE: The first cryptocurrency charity metaverse game

Adil hadir
5 min readMay 27, 2022


Medic Doge is the first metaverse grounded digital currency with a charity motive in the world. The Medic Doge narrates the story of a youthful girl who in her growing up endured the atrocity of war that led to the bitter loss of her family. After the death of her family in the war,, she was espoused by a field sanitarium where she had the occasion to learn the medical chops and came kind hearted despite losing her whole family to the horrible war.

Medic Doge aims to see a world where there will be no further war and conflict amongst the occupants. Medic Doge so much admires peace and moves from place to place saving lives and contributing her strength and energy to peace keeping. Medic Doge also aims to meet further mates with same motive of discouraging war in the world. She plans to move to different war areas to see observe the cruelty and damage created by war and also make field hospitals to save the people hurt by the war.

Medic Doge is a revolutionary play to earn game erected on the blockchain technology and supported by the internet security software of the AVG. It’s decentralized and uses the invention of the Metaverse and gamefi to enhance the play to earn gaming conditioning. Medic Doge uses the blockchain technology to promote peace, produce fun, and wealth for the people.

Medic Doge Ecosystem

MedicDoge is the First Cryptocurrency Charity, metaverse Play To earn P2E Game ecosystem. Medic Doge as a P2E gaming platform will give an emotional and educating Produce 2 Earn( C2E) and Pay 2 Win( P2W) game which will allow players to earn prices while literacy. Medic Doge is creating a community- possessed chain tourism ecosystem with groundbreaking tech and a new profitable model which include community profitable, open and functional, progressive decentralized, community governance, patient invention and so on. And collectively, via The use of blockchain tech and token medium, Medic Doge make a perfect replica of decentralized, GamFi, Metaverse, game ecosystem and Toolset for the maturity of druggies and inventors. The platform will give a complete blockchain game development Tool set in technology, use the power of the Third- party( Top Blockchain platforms) to ameliorate the system and the third parties will contribute to the enhancement of the system and will admit rich impulses including the GOLD COIN Handed by the platform. The platform will give a harmonious and perfect chain interoperability interface which will be compatible with multiple chains. Medic Doge platform will give automated acceptance of homogenous and Non-Homogenous Digital asset similar as Game coin, NFTs and particulars in a simple unified value dimension system. The platform ensures that happy form different game and platform on their chain will run easily.

Medic Doge will launch “ Medic Foundation ”, which will purposefully concentrate on spot request investment in the cryptocurrency sector to induce further gains for Medic Doge Development and donations. The Foundation will also invite investment institutions to take part in their investment programs, Cryptocurrency whalers and pious druggies would also be invited to join the foundation. Top class design discovery, Holders and Pious Players will be given the most recent and trending implicit design information and spot request professional guidance. Individual investors can likewise part take in the Foundational Investments the Medic Doge Foundation launch.

How to work Medic Doge

Utmost of us have known blockchain technology as the core foundation of the crypto ecosystem. The protean features associated with this technology have led to the fashionability of cryptocurrencies attracting not only a pious stoner base but also institutional investors and major companies. But blockchain is n’t limited to just cryptocurrencies, it can beget a paradigm shift in nearly every assiduity that deals with information storehouse and data protection as it has the capability to polarize the operations without counting on any authority to control data. The adding fashionability and relinquishment of cryptocurrencies by millions of druggies are raising serious enterprises about the network traffic and scalability of different blockchain networks. Piecemeal from the adding trade of cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance is also adding the burden on these networks. The promising nature of blockchains as led to the development of numerous new protocols including yield husbandry, liquidity pools, and mining platforms on the formerly congested blockchains.


Medoge is basically the token that will be used to commence different transactions that occur between users on the platform and gaming ecosystem. It has been created with a total supply of 1 trillion units.


  • Token name: MEDOGE
  • Token symbol: MEDOGE
  • Decimal: 18
  • Contract address:0x719E6935b2a625dA9528251715B78DD30a284854
  • Block chain: Binance smart chain (Bep-20)
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000 MEDOGE


  • 40%→ Gaming
  • 20%→ DAO
  • 15%→CEX & DEX liquidity
  • 10%→ Foundation
  • 8%→ Token sale
  • 2%→ Marketing
  • 4.5%→ Team
  • 0.5%→Adviser


Medic doge is looking forward to a disruptive revolution in the entire game request. With the use of DAO, Medic doge primarily focuses on the invention of chain trip mode. At the same time, Medic Doge Team snappily gather a massive number of top blockchain bents aiming to take AVG game as an advantage to drive game assiduity change and erected the world’s top meta cosmic chain tourism structure and GameFi ecological operation system. in the future, Medic Doge Team aims to integrate competitive, interactive entertainment, mobile and computer outstations through the blockchain network token medium combining the online virtual terrain and physical terrain creating a borderless entertainment world and unknown experience for global druggies.







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