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An exchange that offers convenience and security in crypto trading is the platform that crypto druggies need moment. This platform allows druggies to trade crypto more securely without fussing about being addressed or losing their means. There are several exchange platforms that druggies can use for further secure and easy crypto trading, for exemplifications similar as Binance and Kucoin, these are two popular exchanges that are extensively used by crypto druggies moment and offer a complete range of features. Still, these two exchanges are still lacking for druggies especially those who want to invest in commemoratives from the Metaverse design. Druggies can not view Metaverse commemoratives more fluently and snappily, so when druggies want to invest in Metaverse commemoratives they need to search for them manually and also buy them.

8v Global Description

The platform’s thing is to produce a virtual reality fiscal operation platform that includes metaverse Eco-modules. Druggies may construct their own metaverse social network and share in a variety of” wealth- structure” exercises to help them better manage their means, similar as quiz games, quick games, and NFTs.8V.com is a top blockchain specialized service provider throughout the world. 8V, which was innovated in the United Kingdom in 2021, is devoted to creating immersive, social, and real- time metaverse ecological modules. The business erected a specialized services- business-commercialization artificial circle with mature product lines similar as digital asset trading systems and wallets.
8V.com was innovated by a group of assiduity stagers with backgrounds in exchanges, media, and blockchain. 8V is devoted to give consumers in over 200 countries with reliable, safe, largely private, accessible, and effective fiscal information and full virtual fiscal trading services.

How it works

8V.com offers leveraged trading up to 200 times, meaning consumers may adopt 200 times their original investment and potentially profit 200 times. The technology checkups each loan and calculates the threat rate in real time, notifying largely leveraged and heavy- losing guests and compelling them to exit their effects when applicable. On8V.com’s fully secure platform, which has unique encryption and sophisticated security mechanisms, druggies from each over the globe may profit from the leveraged profit of leveraged trading by gaining huge prices.
Still, they need trusted instruments, If investors wish to trade with confidence and benefit from cryptocurrency investments. They may buy a product worth over to 200 USDT for as little as 1 USDT thanks to the leveraged trading medium.


8V Global is a centralized exchange platform that offers a secure and easy service to druggies especially those who wish to invest in Metaverse commemoratives. With colorful features offered by 8V Global, similar as apps, staking etc., it’ll help druggies who want to trade crypto or want to earn further from their crypto investments. Designed on a stoner-friendly and easy-to- use interface, 8V Global will be suitable to be used by druggies of all situations without any problems.
8V Global has the vision to come an exchange platform that will grease more secure and easy crypto trading. With a focus on convenience and security, it’ll come an indispensable exchange platform for global crypto druggies.

Useful links

Official website: https://8v.com/

Telegram group: https://t.me/global8vchat

Telegram channel: https://t.me/global8v

Twitter: https://twitter.com/8vGlobal

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/yQusCKf3tN

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/8Voffical_group/

Medium: https://medium.com/@8v.global

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/8v.global/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/8V.Global/

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